SOLAR  Powered Water Treatment Systems


General Information:

Businesses and small communities in remote locations can now take advantage of the same membrane technology used by large-scale water treatment plants in a compact, self-contained alternative energy design.


The LAL  provides high-quality potable water by physically removing pathogens, particulates and turbidity from virtually any water source including rivers, lakes,

streams, ponds, shallow wells and springs.


Features & Benefits:

• Utilizes only solar power and can be used in remote locations, all around the world

• Membranes physically block out and remove pathogens and particulates from water supply

• Signifi cantly reduces colloids, turbidity, and organics

• Utilizes the same membrane technology chosen by largescale water filtration plants

• Effectively treats ground, surface or cistern water sources at the point-of-entry

• Automated and effcient self-cleaning cycle flushes impuritities

• Requires minimal waterpressure to operate effi ciently

• Rain water harvesting for reuse as drinking water

LAL Solar Powered Water Treatment systems





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